Are Muslims more volatile than anyone else?

In this video Ben Haas plans to burn a US flag to protest the crackdown on civil liberties and the right of due process. An angry mob of over 1,000 people came out to stop him. Had the police not been there to protect him, he may have been seriously hurt.

I think this video goes a long way to explain to some Americans why Muslims in the Islamic world can get so riled up when they hear about Americans burning Qur’ans.



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2 responses to “Are Muslims more volatile than anyone else?

  1. IDBC

    Burning an American flag is not illegal in the U.S. Yet.
    Nor is burning a Quran, or a Bible or a tranlation of the Quran illegal in the U.S. Yet
    I am sure that it is not illegal to burn a U.S. flag in the Middle East and I doubt that it ever will be illegal.
    However I do believe that it is illegal to burn a Quran or a translation of a Quran in the Middle East.
    I might agree that burning a Bible, or a U.S. Flag or the Quran is the act of a fanatic but in the U.S. it is not illegal.

    • As an American, I am not terribly worried about the laws of other sovereign nations. However, I am concerned about our laws. Thirteen states have selectively targeted Islam by proposing legislation to ban Shari’a in their courtrooms. Not only is this a solution in search of a problem, the laws seem specifically designed to poke their Muslim constituencies in the eye and create an officially ‘disapproved’ religion. Fortunately Jewish groups are now also starting to step in as a matter of concern to protect their faith-based arbitration/beth din systems.

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